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Midcentury Spanish Design…in the UK

26 Sep

Who knew there was a sub-category of mid-century design that was Spanish?  I will have to check this out next time I visit the UK.  Have any of you heard of FASE or have any pieces?  If so, please share!  (Via Remodelista)

While working in Southern Spain, interior designer Christine Shepard fell in love. Was it the lifestyle? The sunny climate? A handsome Iberian, perhaps?

Actually, none of the above. A woman after our own hearts, Shepard discovered a passion for 1950s chairs and lighting, especially those from the Spanish manufacturer FASE in Madrid, and decided to run with it. Upon her return to the UK, she opened The Kula & Co. in St. Leonards on Sea offering 1950’s chairs and FASE lamps (of course) among an ever-changing mix of carefully selected vintage furnishings including tables, paintings, glass, and prints.

Remodelista-The Kula-&-Co-St-Leonards-on-Sea-East-Sussex-midcentury-chairs-FASE-lamps

Above: Shepard’s trademark pairing of a midcentury chair with a FASE lamp; both displaying distinctive lines.

Remodelista-The Kula-&-Co-St-Leonards-on-Sea-East-Sussex-midcentury-chairs-FASE-lamps

Above: The Kula & Co. also offer interior design services. See Kula & Co. for further information.

Remodelista-The Kula-&-Co-St-Leonards-on-Sea-East-Sussex-midcentury-chairs-FASE-lamps

Above: This scene could be from Mad Men; a pair of 1950s cocktail chairs with their original upholstery and a FASE Presidente S’ lamp.

Remodelista-The Kula-&-Co-St-Leonards-on-Sea-East-Sussex-midcentury-chairs-FASE-lamps

Above: The Kula and Co. has a continually changing display of vintage furnishings.

Remodelista-The Kula-&-Co-St-Leonards-on-Sea-East-Sussex-midcentury-chairs-FASE-lamps

Above: A pair of Parker Knoll armchairs, completely restored and upholstered.

Remodelista-The Kula-&-Co-St-Leonards-on-Sea-East-Sussex-midcentury-chairs-FASE-lamps

Above: A view from the street shows Shepard’s array of vintage finds.


Where there’s smoke…

19 Jul

You know that saying ‘Fashion before comfort’?  Well, I have been know to utter my own version…’Style before safety’.  Okay, not really.  But I do have to say one of my hugest pet peeves is a smoke alarm.  They are ugly.  And I hate them.  The end.  I don’t want them on my walls.

Not only that, but for some reason, they go off at the most random moments.  I have been known to take out the batteries so I could cook something without setting them off.  (Not that all my cooking sets off the smoke alarms!)

That was all before I saw this post from Remodelista.  These are gorgeous and welcome anytime and anywhere in my home.


Rumor has it that industrial design-rock star Yves Behar is working on a design-worthy smoke alarm. In the meantime, we embarked on a search for attractive alternatives to the ubiquitous smoke alarm.

Kupu Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Above: Kupu Photoelectric Smoke Alarm by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen for Jalo Helsinki has a soft fabric cover and is affixed to the wall or ceiling surface with 3M tape (no need for screws or a power drill). There are no tiny push buttons, rather the whole external casing acts as a press switch for silencing false alarms and testing the performance of the product. Battery powered (no hardwiring, which means it can be used in countries with different electric voltage); €24.90 at the Finnish Design Shop.

Above: Winner of the 2011 Red Dot Design Award, the Kupu Photoelectric Smoke Alarm is available in white, green, gray and pink.

Modern Smoke Detector

Above: Slated to come on the market in 2013, the Modern Smoke Detector by Architectural Devices is designed to lay recessed and nearly flush-mounted into the gypsum board of a wall or ceiling to blend in seamlessly. It runs on a 9-volt battery and can be linked to up to 12 other detectors. It will be retail for around $199. Contact Architectural Devices for further information.

Kidde Silhouette Low-Profile Smoke Alarm

Above: The Kidde Silhouette Low-Profile Smoke Alarm protrudes a mere half inch from the ceiling once installed. It contains a rechargeable battery that runs off central electricity and lasts the lifetime of the unit. Hardwiring required; $13.95 at Amazon.

Gira Smoke Alarm

Above: The Gira Smoke Alarm is an advanced heat and smoke detector that won the 2010 Red Dot award for product design; £40.01 for the battery operated unit through Gira UK. Not yet available in the US.

Chick-A-Dee Smoke Alarm

Above: Designed for a child’s room (and inspired by the American Black-capped Chickadee bird), the battery-operated Chick-A-Dee Smoke Alarm by Dutch designer Louise van der Veld is $75 in black or white at the A+R Store in Los Angeles.

Weekend Show and Tell

29 Jan

Another set of lovelies for you lovelies. Enjoy!

A modern twist on the bean bag (via Pursuitist), the Slumber Pouf from Casalis Carpets. With a pattern much like a knitted fisherman’s sweater, these poufs were designed by textile artist Aleksandra Gaca and come in 12 different shades. The only thing I can’t seem to find out is how much they are and where the heck to buy them! Can you?

Courtesy of Mid Century Home, this wonderful tour of a house designed by Arthur Witthoefft in 1957 that the owners have renovated back to its original state. First of all, holy fireplace, Batman! And (this will cause my husband to roll his eyes and tell me to just go ahead and finally move to Palm Springs) secondly, I love those kind of floors but I have no idea what they are. Do you? (Maybe I should call this post ‘Help Me!’?) Check out the original Architectural Pottery planter too!

Valentine’s day is slightly more than two weeks away. What are you getting your sweetie? If we had any red in our house, I know what I’d want: this Case Study fiberglass shell chair in a special Valentine edition color ‘Love U Red’ from Modernica.

A slightly smaller but just as charming Valentine’s gift that I ‘dig’ is this keychain from the riskybeads shop on Etsy.

Finally, as I leave today for London, I am thinking of travel alarm clocks. (God bless Remodelista for an entire post on stylish ones!)  I love this one, the Kikkerland Classic Travel Alarm Clock.  And for about $10, it’s practically free!

Weekend Show and Tell

27 Nov

From the category of ‘oh-my-god-aren’t-you-lovely’ (and Remodelista), comes the company Architectural Pottery and their clean, crisp pottery design from mid-century inspiration. Pricey, but not over the top, these pieces are worth investing in.

As if I don’t gush enough about art I find on Etsy (like Matte Stephens), check out these mid-century inspired prints from the Pool Pony shop. Museum grade pigment prints, these are remarkably affordable and unique. I think I need two to hang over my imagined-and-as-yet-not-acquired Gracie Sofa from Perch.

mid century design art print - colour set

For me, the DIY crafts list I am collecting is kind of depressing. There are all these great ideas out there being created by people with much more crafting talent (and inclination and time) than I. However, if I could sew and if I had any idea how to make things like this, I would embark on this DIY project of gorgeous floor pillows. I love how tailored and tidy these look. Can’t you imagine them in an Orla pattern?

And one more DIY project I will only fantasize about getting to, from HowAboutOrange, Catherine Holm votive holders. Very lovely, very creative and very much affordable. Read more about these designs here.

And just to prove I am not completely enamoured with everything mid-century, I have to introduce you to Mid-Century Menu, a blog devoted to the culinary trends of that time, including as you see below Rock Cornish Hens with Chip (yes, potato chip) Stuffing.  Yum. (No wonder Julia Child went to France to find good food!)

A Thanksgiving Giggle

24 Nov

From Awkward Family Photos (via Remodelista), a hilarious site in its own right, comes The Thanksgiving Letter. We all know this person. You know you do, though you wouldn’t admit it to anyone in your family without a gun to your head. (Can you say ‘control freak’?) Here’s to the warmth and love and dysfunction of the modern American family. Happy Thanksgiving!


Weekend Show and Tell

2 Oct

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but living in our home is like living in our own park, a wonderful natural habitat where we see deer, gophers (or moles according to my husband) and now an owl.  A horned owl to be exact. (And we know how much I love owls.) We discovered him the other day upon hearing the crows go absolutely nutso. They were all gathered in a tree cawing their heads off at him. And he just sat there. Calm. Steady. Wise. Heavenly to be watched over by such a creature. He stayed there all day and into the evening. Ainsley named him Horner.  We hope he comes back. This palette from Design Seeds reminded me of our new friend and has a lovely neutral combination that I love. Apparently beige and gray is a trendy new color combination, going against all conventional wisdom of keeping cool and warm color palettes separate. I like it!

And because Ainsley has the same owl fascination I do, she has decided that she would like owls to be the primary theme of her room, now that she has accept the Peanuts wallpaper is not long for this world. In Dwell Studio, I saw this wonderful owl duvet. I can’t wait to show it to her and see if we can paint her room a color other than pink!

Owls Duvet Set

And speaking of birds in trees, check out this creative mid-century modern bird house I found on Etsy. So clever, but so expensive! This has to be an easy DIY, don’t you think?

Mid Century Inspired Modern Cedar Birdhouse in Orange

It’s the weekend of sales on mid-century furniture: the Knoll sale (through 10/2) and the Modernica warehouse sale in LA (partnered with a 15% off online sale for those of us who couldn’t rush to LA but are incredibly jealous of those who could!).  The Modernica sale has been extended one more day through 10/2 as well. Go grab some Eames chairs and send me one! (Rocker in orange please!)

Kartell Modern Home & Office Furniture

From Remodelista, ten kitchen flooring options. I can say that this completely confirms my desire for cork in the kitchen and family room. So gorgeous.

One more tidbit in relation to this week’s Pop Art post: Retro Renovation recently covered pop art as well from another angle. Great images and quotes from Richard Hamilton.  I particularly like his definition of pop art.  So much better than my overly wordy one.

Pop art is:
Popular (designed for a mass audience),
Transient (short-term solution),
Expendable (easily forgotten),
Low cost, Mass produced,
Young (aimed at youth),
Witty, Sexy, Gimmicky, Glamorous, Big business.

Have a great Sunday everyone!



Weekend Show and Tell 8-14

14 Aug

After my exciting week ‘Glamping’, I have a backlog of loveliness for Show and Tell, including some beautiful refurbished furniture I am seeing out there.

Remodelista shared this wonderful new company that restores vintage furniture called CoMod. I covet their renovated Eames rocker (thought I want it in orange) and like the idea of buying a refurbished vintage one instead of the new ones from Modernica. What I would actually love is to find one myself and refurbish it for less than the $500 price tag.

I saw a chair very similar to this one below at the Mercer Island Thrift Store last week. (Maeve says it was nothing like this, but what does she know?) The cushions were horrific, but the wooden frame was lovely. I wish I had grabbed it, but then I think Brett worries his man cave will start to become my furniture-find storage place. This chair comes from Antikmodern, a British website featuring vintage restored pieces. This piece goes for £1195 (that’s almost $2000 for us Yanks.) The strap seating had been pulled out of the thrift store one and replaced with plywood and cushioning, though I don’t think it would have been too hard to replace.

From Etsy Finds, a style catalog inspired by the mid-century drool-worthy Mad Men, featuring clothing, accessories and furniture. Highball, anyone?

3 Mod Teal and Gold Shotglasses

Also from Remodelista, praise for the white globe pendant light that defines mid-century lighting. We have one in our laundry room (!) and want a few more around the house. The prices tags on these babies are steep, but I found this one at Ikea for $39.99.

MINUT Pendant lamp Diameter: 13 " Cord length: 5 ' 3 "  Diameter: 32 cm Cord length: 1.6 m

And finally, after much thought about what to do with the back deck, I found my inspiration. Check this before and after. The structure is almost identical to our home and I can see the dark trim in my mind. Someday.

Hart Wright Architects, Lafayette house, remodel

Hart Wright Architects, remodel, Lafayette house

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