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Kerf Design

10 Feb

We visited another house designed by Fred Bassetti, the same architect for our house.  (More on that later if they let me share the photos!)  Of every cool thing I saw in that house, and there was plenty, I fell in love with the original cabinets.  Yep, an entire kitchen full of the original plywood cabinets and the (almost) original stainless countertops.

But where does one find such things in this day and age?  Our kitchen was renovated about 20 years or so (I’d guess) with a more traditional cabinet choice for that time, as you can see.

Unfortunately, while nice cabinetry (made nicer with our paint job!),  they don’t quite go with our vision of what a mid-century kitchen should look like.

I loved the cabinets in this other Bassetti designed house on the island and would love to get something close to this.  But beyond, IKEA, where does one look?

Then I saw and ad for Kerf Design in the most recent issue of Atomic Ranch.

Located right here in Seattle, Kerf makes ‘plywood cabinets and furniture for the modern home.’  Their website has one of my favorite quotes about form following function. 

“If it is not useful or necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to make it.”


So join me in my fantasy kitchen (and bathroom) indulgence with the following photos.  Such wonderful inspiration for dreaming…

Ummm…yes, please?


Buy Me!

24 Jul

I am not in the business of selling houses.  However, I just have to share this one because I am passionate about it.  Here on Mercer Island is an almost exact replica of our house, minus one bedroom and the family room as well as the land.  Also designed by Fred Bassetti and Morse in 1961, it looks like it’s in really good shape and ready for some love.  The description reads:

A Memorable Experience…Meticulously Crafted and Designed Mid Century Masterpiece Created by Renowned Architects, Bassetti and Morse-Famous for Designing Many Seattle Landmarks. The Home Stays True to its Original Intent with an infusion of Tasteful Updates Throughout! This Extraordinary One Story Residence is Flooded with Natural Light from the Walls of Windows, Vaulted Ceilings and Numerous Skylights Throughout and Sits on a Tranquil, Lush and Fully Fenced ¼ Acre Corner Lot.

I really like what they did with the decking in the back and the almost original kitchen is lovely.  I love the entry way and the landscaping too.  I would take to back to its more original state by removing the mirrors, the granite countertops and the carpet.  I hope someone buys it and loves it as much as we love ours!  (Thanks Kathy for bringing this to my attention!)


Other People’s Homes: Different Strokes

4 Nov

From our very own Mercer Island, a remodel of a house designed by our very own Fred Bassetti has won the AIA Honor Award. The remodel was done by chadbourne and doss architects and was based on the owners’ metaphor of children’s wood building blocks.

I can see similarities between their home and ours, most noticeably the heavy use of wood in the ceilings and the floors.  I think the kitchen floors are painted or deeply stained an almost black color, which contrasts beautifully with the white cabinets.

And I think this house is gorgeous. Really really gorgeous and perfect and pristine in a museum or re-touched fashion model kind of way. But I am not that gorgeous and pristine. Nor is my life. My husband and gaggle of girls would have this place looking like chaos in five minutes flat, I guarantee.

Which has me wondering, where is the Crayola or macaroni glued on construction paper artwork from school? Where is the pile of mail and magazines and coats and shoes? Where are the damn dust bunnies?

I appreciate the style and design, but it’s just not for me. It helps for me to see remodels like this as we work through our own choices. (Plus it helps that I am pretty sure we will NEVER have the kind of budget for this kind of work!) But there is great inspiration in design like this to take what would work for us.  For example, I love the carport that looks right through to the back and I love the concrete that continues out the house to the porch.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see some before pictures too?  Wonder if we can ask for those. Let me know your thoughts on renovation direction and what it means.  Does it mean be dogmatic about original style or keep to architect intention while also modernizing or just starting over?

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