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Weekend Show and Tell

29 Apr

Happy Sunday everyone!  I woke up sore this morning from shoveling dirt and spending money (more on that tomorrow) so I am happily ensconced in bed doing nothing until I have to go shovel more dirt.  It will be worth it, you’ll see.  In the meantime, have some very cool things to share with you.  Enjoy!

I love the look of this DIY wood pallet wall.  It’s both modern and rustic at the same time and creates a wonderful warm effect. (Via 2Modern)

There is seriously not enough wall space in our house for me to hang all the family photos and art work that I fall in love with.  The latest from Jenn Ski are lovely, perfectly MCM and totally affordable.  At $35 for a giclee print, you can’t help but pick up two.  Very atomic.  Love the newsprint and wood texture.

Giclee Print (item No. P-2012-19 Green Satellite)

Giclee Print (item No. P-2012-20 Gem Satellites)

Apartment Therapy is having their annual Small Cool contest, for the smallest coolest home design.  My current favorite is Tess’s 450 sq ft apartment in Brooklyn.  Marimekko print, Noguchi coffee table, Eames coat rack…just clean and lovely.  I even spotted an owl in there!  Go vote now!




In the category of ‘Sweet Jesus that is gorgeous…’ is the Casa Almare in Puerto Vallerta.  What a view.  What a gorgeous use of wood.  What an amazing driftwood tree trunk in the middle of the room.  Want.  (Via Pursuitist)

My latest obsession for our outdoor living this summer is the butterfly chair.  My grandparents had two red ones on their patio (which also had a sundial, go figure) and I want two to put on the patio outside our bedroom.  I like this one from Circa 50, made to the specifications of the original BFK for $318.

There is also a less expensive option at CB2 for $59.99.  Either way, it’s got to be orange!



Weekend Show and Tell

22 Apr

I can never resist good graphic design and I am loving these from Artsy Designy.  There is something about art on canvas versus a print that seems warm to me.  Reasonably priced and very unique.  The first set reminds me of vinyl 45s.

2x2 Circles No1 - Abstract Contemporary Art - Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas - 12" x 12"

2x2 Circles No2 - Abstract Contemporary Art - Acrylic Painting on Stretched Canvas - 12" x 12"

$49 stretched canvas 2’x2′

Abstract Modern Art Digital Print - Contemporary Art

Abstract Modern Art Digital Print - Contemporary Art

$19 digital prints 8″x10″

So I’ve had Ikea on the brain lately since I posted about the Uppleva.  I have mixed emotions about the brand.  I like the design and frankly for a family, the quality is decent.  But we have had to hack (and enjoyed other people’s hacks) to get things exactly as we want them, like we did with Karl’s legs here.  Clearly plenty of people want to modify Ikea legs and Stockholm-based Pretty Pegs helps you do just that.  The legs easily screw into the bases of Ikea pieces and come in a variety of shapes and colors. “Our vision is to create a new way of presenting rooms by adding color and personality to furniture,” they say. “And just like your favorite pair of shoes, they complete the look.”

Now I will say that our industry and paint saved us a pretty penny because these don’t come cheap (or apparently in dollars!).  But they are beautiful and unique and made me think that legs in interesting colors would be a cool thing to try sometime.  (Via Remodelista.)

I particularly like the Estelle in teak and brass…very mid-century modern.

Colorful Prettypegs\

Colorful Prettypegs

Above L: Siri in pink; €89. Above R: Evy in grey; €105. All legs are available in several color combinations and come in a pack of four.

Colorful Prettypegs

Above: Estelle in teak and brass toe; €130.

And in the category of ‘I am not entirely sure what I think of these…’ are these Keramose cabinets made from glazed ceramic and wood by Adriano Design and La Castellamonte (Coprodotto).  They kind of look like they belong in a child’s play kitchen but I really appreciate the incredible craftsmanship that had to go into making these.  What do you think of them?  (Via Contemporist.)



Reminiscent of the George Nelson wall units, Scout Regalia, a Los Angeles-based design practice founded by Benjamin Luddy and Makoto Mizutani created these bookcases to “celebrate the inherent design of everyday living by embracing both the unassuming and ornamental aspects of design.” We all know my obsession with bookcases and I find these to be gorgeous, though pricey.  Prices start at $3,000.  But then getting a Nelson isn’t much cheaper.  Made of domestic hardwood and handcrafted in Los Angeles, the bookcase is handsome, flexible, and portable.  (Via Remodelista.)

SR Bookcase

SR Bookcase

And finally, an easy DIY for the weekend and your spring flowers from The Proper Pinwheel: spray painted neon pots.  The pots are $1.99 from Ikea. (Yes, Ikea again.)  I will probably do orange and green and turquoise for mine instead of neon, but I love the idea.  And that it’s easy.

Weekend Show and Tell: Getting Outside

8 Apr

Just back from a holiday in the sun (more on that soon!) has me thinking about our outdoors.  Wasn’t easy to come from 85 degree weather to 45, but hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of warmer days here in the Northwest.  And given the fact that we have done nothing, and I mean nothing, to the property land since we moved here, everything looks like a jungle.  We have a deck that is covered in the lovely green slime that covers exposed elements at the end of a Seattle winter.  We have overgrown plant beds.  We have a vegetable garden gone wild.  And we still have moles (or gophers).  So today is all about outdoor inspiration.  And dreaming.

Features on today are these cool retro pieces of Crosley Outdoor steel furniture.  Reasonably priced and sturdy, these would be a wonderful addition to any mid-century backyard.

At our old house, we had a wooden swing in the backyard that all the girls had decorated with our names.  We left it there for the ‘Awwww…’ factor when we were selling and may just have to replace it with this sleeker one at the new house from Loll.  Made from recycled plastic waste, it’s still pricey at $225, but so cute.

Screen shot 2012-04-05 at 5.06.06 PM

Via Pursuitist, I love rocks combined with concrete as a modern outdoor landscaping solution.  We still have an area in front of our house half filled with river rocks that needs to be finished and in my mind, it will end up looking something like this.  (Yeah, right.)

And since one of the premises of mid-century modern architecture is blurring the line between the inside and outside, check out this article from Dwell about a lovely Japanese house that does that perfectly.

blending indoor and outdoor

And in the category of ‘Oh, we are SO doing this (someday)!’ these cool DIY cinderblock planters, courtesy of Apartment Therapy.  How awesome and easy and mid-century modern is this?


Weekend Show and Tell: The Mad Men Edition

1 Apr

Has anything in our culture done more for appreciation of mid-century modern design than Mad Men?  I missed the Season 5 premiere in while I was in London, but watched it on the plane on the way back.  And I can tell you, I am SO ready for tonight.

What could be more appropriate for this Weekend Show and Tell than a look (courtesy of the LA Times At Home) at Don Draper’s new residence as seen in the truly mind-blowing scene of Megan’s birthday surprise for Don?  Holy smokes.  I totally think that’s how I look when I sing karaoke.  I just need that dress.  And lots of cocktails.

Also, everyone should take the ‘Which Mad Man Are You?’ quiz and post your answer in the comments.  Maybe we can make up a full cast!  I took it and posted who I was a while ago.  Anyone remember?  First one who guesses correctly wins…the right to gloat in everyone else’s face.  That good enough?

"Mad Men" Don Draper apartment

“Mad Men” returned after its long hiatus Sunday, earning record ratings and a host of Midcentury Modern design fans newly obsessed with Don Draper’s new Manhattan home. It’s June 1966, and though Draper (played by Jon Hamm) might be a newlywed, he’s traded in his dreary digs from last season for an Upper East Side spread complete with serious bachelor pad trappings.

Don Draper's apartment

Apartment 17-B, right, set decorator Claudette Didul said, is “in a high-rise that feels like it was built in 1960 with a white-carpeted sunken living room and a fascinating fireplace and a Case Study-style kitchen with two pass through windows.”

It also sports walnut cabinetry with a built-in television set and one of those new-fangled-for-the-time push-button phones.

Didul said Draper’s love of sleek modern lines and high-tech gadgetry and manly appointments (leather lounge chair, countertop cocktail bar with a drum-shaped ice bucket) is contrasted with his new wife Megan’s youthful taste and love of color.

“I imagine she might’ve dragged Don through Bloomingdale’s to see the model rooms,” Didul said.

The set decorator also took inspiration from two books by 1960s bestselling interior design author Betty Pepis and “Decoration U.S.A.,” a 1965 collaboration between Jose Wilson and Arthur Leaman. “The colors of the rooms and furnishings are so vibrant in those books they almost make your teeth rattle,” Didul said.


The kitchen has rich blue and blazing coral cabinets exhibiting “happiness and hopefulness,” Didul said. “The pastels of the 1950s are giving way to brighter and earthier tones.” She spotted the brown 1964 Frigidaire in a vintage copy of the Los Angeles Times Home Magazine. “It’s my favorite appliance in the whole show.”

Keep reading to see Don’s dining and living room and a list of Didul’s shopping sources …

"Mad Men" Don Draper apartment
The Draper living room has grass cloth wallpaper and curtains with a matching valance made from retro material from Fabricut. Outside the window wall: a 1964 white metal patio dinette set by Samsonite that Didul purchased on eBay. The modular sofas and ottoman were designed by “Mad Men” production designer Dan Bishop and built by Omega Cinema Props. Don’s Lied Mobler black leather lounge chair came from Galerie Sommerlath in Los Angeles; the magazine rack is from Amsterdam Modern, also in L.A. The glass-topped coffee table is from Deja Vu in Long Beach, and the counter stools are a vintage design by Erik Buk purchased on Craigslist from a Virginia seller.

"Mad Men" Don Draper dining room

The dining room has a strong Danish influence. The dining table set and credenza were purchased at Danish Modern Noho. The rug, designed to look like a 1960s rya, was created from shag carpeting at S & J Biren floor coverings in Los Angeles. The gray armchair is part of a pair purchased on Craigslist “because they reminded me of chairs I had seen on ‘Bewitched,'” Didul said.

"Mad Men" Don Draper kitchen

Custom-built kitchen cabinets have a handy pass-through window to the dining room, a built-in cook top and a revolving spice rack, far left, purchased on Etsy. Didul shopped for glasses, cookware and kitchen accessories at the antique malls in Orange and Pomona, and the Pasadena Antique Center and Annex and Novotny’s Antique Gallery in Pasadena.

Weekend Show and Tell: A Bad Case of the Grays

11 Mar

It’s official.  I’m depressed.  I have no motivation to do anything.  I even drank some coffee and all that succeeded in doing is making me jittery whilst I wallow.  If you follow my blog regularly, you have seen that I sometimes indulge in these little pity parties.  (Most likely monthly, if you know what I mean.)  And though I have no intention of making this blog my personal therapy session for the psychological voyeurs out there in blogland, sometimes I just need to whine.

For one, I have been sick this week.  Really sick and haven’t had much time to take care of myself because of work and other obligations.  Two, it’s gray.  Really really really gray.  And rainy.  Looking at the forecast, it’s going to be gray and rainy for the next ten days.  Ugh.  Seattle, how I sometimes despise you.

I tackle this ennui in a variety of ways.  Suggestion from Maeve this morning:  Eat chocolate.  Lots and lots of chocolate.  Hmm.  No.  I like chocolate, but not the way other people like chocolate.  A small square of bittersweet good chocolate with a nice glass of red wine.  That’s all I can really handle.  Not doing that at 10am though.  Then again…

I often will get out my yoga mat.  Or take the dogs on a walk.  Or buy something.  (Definitely not the healthiest approach.)  Sometimes I even get online and plan exotic imaginary vacations somewhere far away from here that I never pay for or take. And then, other times, I just dive into the deep.  I find that resistance is often futile, as they say, and the mood passes when I just let it take its course.  Today, I thought maybe I would fight the battle by focusing on a cheery color like yellow for the Show and Tell.  But then I decided, screw it.  I’m going with the gray.

And since I have sequestered myself back here, I am thinking about gray and my bedroom.  Now I know my last post was about Orla and her very cheerful new linens coming to Bed Bath and Beyond, but then I saw this article from Houzz about ‘Master Bedrooms that Take Command.’  (Hmmm…does that headline work for anyone else?)  I had started a post a while ago that never saw the light of day about how much I wanted my bedroom to look like a hotel.  Having travelled a lot lately, I have grown to love the sleek look of a W or Kimpton hotel room.  It’s soothing, clean, uncluttered.  The article suggested monochromatic schemes with layers of texture as a way to achieve that.  And while definitely more classic than our style, I am liking this direction.

Pinned Image

From Remodelista, this is probably a little more our speed and style, especially with the teak paneling, very much like we have in our room.

Pinned Image

I have already begun the gray transformation of the bedroom with the newly upholstered chair, sitting in my soon to be reading nook.   The teak panelling looks way more red in this photo than it actually is.  It’s almost the exact same color and tone as the wall in the photo above.

Okay, gray chair and teak wall.  Check.

Now this whole duvet dilemma is something that has me down.  I was kvetching with someone else in the blogosphere about how hard it is to find good linens.  For one, I am all about the duvet cover.  I don’t buy comforters.  They are so impractical, especially when you are as capricious as I can be about interiors.  Sometimes you just need to change things up and you don’t want to buy a whole other duvet.  What I want is a very simple gray cover, perhaps with some kind of modern woven texture, in a decent (maybe even indulgent?) thread count.  I saw this at West Elm and I like the idea, but I think it’s too dark.  (Plus, I have the same headboard, so I thought maybe it might work.)  Any suggestions on where to find good linens?

Pinned Image

As far as the wall colors go, once we rid ourselves of the wallpaper, I think we will paint them gray as well.  You all know what a tough time I have had with grays, but I think I found one I really like…Amherst Gray by Benajmin Moore.

Pinned Image

And since even just writing about this is starting to cheer me up, I may just throw in a pop of yellow here and there to remind myself that the sun really does exist somewhere behind the Seattle duvet of gray clouds. (Via Dwellings by DeVore, 2Modern and Bright Bazaar.)

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Here’s hoping the sun is out wherever you are.

Weekend Show and Tell

26 Feb

We all know how much I love easy DIY (because we all know just how lazy I actually am).  Easy or not, I love this DIY via A Merry Mishap…DIY painted porcelain.  Go get yourself a porcelain pen and pull out those plain white dishes and get to work.

I am on the search for the perfect duvet cover.  I know that I want some kind of gray.  I also know that despite the fact that I truly want a solid cover, it’s completely unrealistic given the multiple children and dogs that find their way onto and into our bed.  I really want my room to look simple and sleek like something in a W Hotel.  Alas, that’s not going to happen.  And given my propensity for extreme swings, the other option is vibrant and fun and mid-century-esque Marimekko, which we all know I love.  This gray and yellow cover from Crate and Barrel is on sale now and tempting me greatly.


Via Pursuitist, a unique and gorgeous line of furniture from LAMP Living.  My favorite pieces are in the Hewitt Collection and feature a variety of gorgeous hardwoods with a bright lacquered interior. 

After yesterday’s post on MCM artwork, I saw these beautifully psychedelic prints from Rafa Jenn (via Design Milk).   Limited edition giclee prints under $100, his riff on Warhol’s Marilyn is divine…if unfortunately sold out.

Mandala Suite by Rafa Jenn


Rafa Jenn - "Dear Andy"
One of the great things about blogging is the community that surrounds you.  One of my favorite blogs right now is Mid2Mod.  The Mid2Mod store is in Dallas, Texas and has some of the best and most reasonable MCM furniture I have seen on-line.  Almost makes me wish I still lived in Texas.  I hope they get a shipping mechanism in place for the large goods (they currently will not ship them) because I really want some of their pieces (and am clearly too lazy to figure out shipping for myself.  Notice a theme here?).  Especially this six-foot long surfboard coffee table.  Stop by their store if you are in the Dallas area.  Hang ten, everyone.







Weekend Show and Tell

19 Feb

Ummm….hello?  Hold everything.  Who forgot to tell me there is a Design Within Reach Outlet Store on Ebay?  I will murder them.  And while nothing from DWR is EVER cheap, these are relatively less exorbitant.  I got very excited to see a Hans Wegner wishbone chair for $509 (retails at about $900) until I clicked on the other photos and read the fine print:  Chartreuse.  Hmmm.  There was also an Eames fiberglass rocker in baby blue for $329.  If I needed one for a nursery (which thank God I don’t), this would be a deal.  Now only if they had some Nelson bubble lamps…

I would never ever never ever get out of bed if this were my bedroom.  Modern beds by e15 as featured on Plastolux. For me, there is nothing more serene than an uncluttered bedroom with crisp white linens, a total non-starter in our house.  And check out the perfectly snow dusted trees and stack of (real) books on the tray.  Sigh.  This is what heaven looks like.

modern bed e15

I am pretty smitten with these lights from David Trubridge design on 2modern.  I love their description of his style: 

David Trubridge’s ideas come from the wild places, edges of turbulence and renewal, where seas break on beaches and headlands and where land and air meet on mountain ridges. His forms are of elemental simplicity, as the erosion of air and water on wood and stone. He works within the limits of what he has and what he knows: simplicity and low impact, natural materials and processes, and leaving a delicate footprint.

How evocative is that?  And how dreamy are these?

Pinned Image


 Pinned Image

Pinned Image

And in the category of ‘How Freaking Cool Is That?’ comes a table called Float, made of 64 cubes strung together with wire, but mostly held in place by magnetic force. The cubes appear as though they are levitating. I am sorry, but this is too spacey not to be fun. (via Design Milk)


I am all about craftsmanship and nothing but nothing has blown me away like the bent wood craftsmanship of these seats.  A bent wood seating piece, Pinch, is the latest from Philadelphia based, Matthias Pliessnig,  known for  his skill in bending wood to his will with curved and sculpted seating.  (‘Bending wood to his will? Does that sound sexy or what?) Hollowed forms with sensual lines conforming to the body or several bodies. (Also via 2modern.  I like them a lot this week.)  Also, I am noticing a theme…everything is bent wood.  Hmmm.

And finally to depart from bent wood (via Modernica), the new Case Study planters in a variety of shapes.  I need about 10 of these.  I love them.  I think they are so much sleeker than the bullet planters.  Now if, like the Eames’s, I could only keep plants alive.  Gorgeous.

And as if the planters weren’t cool enough, they used rescue dogs from Downtown Dog Rescue  for the photoshoot.  A company after my own heart.

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