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All I want for Christmas is…

27 Nov

Ummm…where have I been that I missed this?  Mad Men Barbies?  Came out almost three years ago?  For reals?  I am transported back to the time when all I wanted for Christmas was the Barbie condo with the elevator.  Sigh, to be a kid again.

However, nothing compares to these awesome Mad Men dolls.  I know I am 41 years old, but I want them.  I really want them.  Unfortunately, looking at the Mattel site, many are sold out.  I can buy Joan Halloway on Ebay for $80+ but I don’t think I want to do that.

I know.  Maybe I’ll ask Santa.

Betty Draper

Don Draper

Joan Halloway

Roger Sterling

And as if that weren’t enough, I just saw the sets Michael Williams created for the dolls, martinis and all.  (Courtesy of If it’s Hip, It’s Here blog.)

And Michael Williams homage to Jonathan Adler.  These dolls have nicer homes than I do!

Michael a photographer and graphic designer whose personal work focuses on collectible 1:6 scale fashion dolls, including Barbie, Ken, Fashion Royalty, FR Nippon Misaki and R&D Susie, as well as dioramas and dollhouses, who hordes RE-MENT and MegaHouse miniatures as props for my photos.

See more of Michael’s work at his site here.
And on for whom he shoots.


More George…

25 Nov

Because clearly this weekend, I can’t get enough George.

You know how sometimes you want something so badly and for so long that when you finally get it, it can’t possibly measure up to your imagination and expectations?  Well, that’s not what happened.

I have pined and dreamt of a George Nelson bubble lamp for as long as I can remember.  (Okay, total hyperbole, but roll with me here, people.)  So when my birthday came last month and I got birthday money from family (I heart birthday money!), I decided to take the plunge and buy myself a bubble lamp. 

At first, I didn’t want to pay full price for a new one.  Plus, I had heard other bloggers wax on about how lovely the warm light was from the vintage ones.  However, as I looked at Ebay and other sites, I just didn’t have the confidence in the state of the lamps that I wanted to.  And honestly, the prices weren’t that much better.  (What has happened to Ebay?  It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a good deal there anymore.) And because I seem to have a ‘why pay less’ disorder, I went to Modernica and bought a new one…a 25″ saucer for $329. The good news?  No tax and no shipping, so that made me feel a little better.

What also made me feel better was getting rid of this:

Now to be perfectly honest, I didn’t find this fixture as offensive as some other members of the family. In fact, I kind of liked its very atomic MCM vibe. However, once that big white box appeared on my doorstep, I knew me and the Jetsons light fixture were going our separate ways. (Any thoughts on what I should do with it? Is it worth putting on Craigslist? Think anyone would want it?)

I love Thanksgiving and I love cooking for a crowd, so more than anything I wanted that lamp up for my Thanksgiving dinner.  And you know what I am thankful for?  A husband who not only know how to do things like that, but who also does it willingly on Thanksgiving day so my vision would be complete.  Now the dining room is almost finished.  Just need a rug and to recover the chairs of our wonderful Drexel dining room chairs.

New Lang Syne

20 Nov

Out with the auld and in with the new this New Year’s.  From the beautifully modern 2Modern blog come these beautifully modern bubbly glasses.  Break out the Veuve Clicquot and ring in a gorgeous 2013!  (Responsibly, of course.)  Or if you aren’t driving or are staying home, be irresponsible and swing from the chandeliers in your knickers.

(And if you have ever wondered what that song is about, Auld Lang Syne is a Scots poem written by Robert Burns in 1788 and set to the tune of a traditional folk song.   The song’s Scots title may be translated into English literally as “old long since”, or more idiomatically, “long long ago”, “days gone by” or “old times”. Consequently “For auld lang syne”, as it appears in the first line of the chorus, might be loosely translated as “for the sake of old times”.  From Wikipedia, so you know it’s true.)

Nothing quite says Happy New Year like a sparkling libation with streams of tiny bubbles lifting from the bottom of the glass to the surface, like streamers in the opposite directions, screaming come celebrate! Whether it is for the New Years, the old year or your year, the best way to drink it is from a pretty glass. Some prefer stemware some prefer stemless glasses. Tulip, flute or coupe? My requirement is that it is as elegant as the bubbles it contains. The season for celebrations is right around the corner so here are a few modern versions of the all important champagne glass for your holiday festivities.

Above: Horn Champagne flute, Ingrid Ruegemer

Above: left to right Selma Flute, CB2; Verve Flute, Crate & Barrel; Float Champagne Flutes by Molo, Riedel Sommeliers Sparkling Wine Glass, Williams-Sonoma; Inside Out Champagne Glass, Grounded.

Above: check out moss for these lovely shapes

Above: Crate and Barrel for this fluted variety.

Above: Revolution Collection Champagne Glasses by Felicia Ferrone; hand-blown of borosilicate glass

Above: Hand-blown Champagne Glasses designed by Ilse Crawford and Michael Anastassiades

Above: Colorful and vintage inspired from Home & Gadgets.

Above: Christofle Collection 3000 with silver base and crystal top.

Above: These Aarne champagne glasses look a little like beer glasses. What do you think?

Above: Alfredo Haberli: Essence Champagne Flutes

Above: Bloom etched stemless flute for the accident prone.

Cheers! Have an infinitely modern day!

Decor Swap Party

15 Nov

From Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite blogs, comes this amazing idea of a Decor Swap Party. I LOVE this. Anyone game? The best thing about it is that at least you know everything will fit!


If you have ever been to a clothing swap party, you know how great it is to see your once favorite pieces begin their new life with a friend and also get to come home with the feeling that you just went shopping and got a really good bargain. Well, why let clothes have all the fun? Let’s get homes in on the action too!

A decor swap party is a great push to finally get to the things you have been needing to clear out from your space. I know I am always headed to Goodwill or the like to donate the things that I ‘just had to have’ way back when, or the stuff I bought thinking ‘this would make a great (fill in the blank) one day’ and just never got to it. Remember, just because you have outgrown something doesn’t mean someone else will view it in the same way.

You could make it general and bring whatever you want, or have a specific theme like ‘things that make you go hmmm’, ‘shabby chic’, ‘organize this’, ‘things that light up’, ‘everything chartreuse’, ‘have a seat’, ‘vessels’ or even ‘funky furniture’. If you want to swap larger furniture items, just bring pictures of all side of the piece along with the dimensions.

So now all you have to do is shuffle through your stuff, toss out an invite, throw together some wine and appetizers and start shopping. Whatever doesn’t get chosen can be brought to the thrift store the next day. Have fun!

(Image: from Pop of Sunshine: 10 Yellow Accessories For Under $50)

New Door Part 1

2 Nov

This post has been a long time coming.  Remember my excitement at the ordering of my Crestview Door?  Well, it came.  And it sat in its box for a while.  After some cajoling, Brett and I went to buy a new door to get started.  As a reminder, this was the door and entry we started with:


According to Brett, installing the doorlite was not as easy as one might imagine. The fit was very tight because some of the wood had bowed which made the glass difficult to pop in. Regardless, he conquered and got it installed properly. He painted the door as we had planned, with Pumpkin Patch and Walnut Bark from Behr paints. However, this was nothing compared to installing the door in the original frame.

It just didn’t fit.  After almost 50 years, it’s not insane to imagine that it might not be completely square any more.  And it wasn’t.  At all.  Brett got the door in and then the damn thing wouldn’t close.  At all.

As you can see from the photo, the issue was at the top.  There was plenty of space at the bottom.  So, being us, we decided the most efficient way to deal with this (other than forcing it in and never being able to open it again) was to plane down the top and then sand.  The difference wasn’t incredibly significant so we thought we could do it.


And we did. However, not without a little damage, which we painted over and are currently deciding to live with. Imperfection is charming, right? Right.

This was it after the installation.  I love it.  But it’s still not quite right.  The white trim looks odd with the orange.  Maeve and I got on a tear one day and fixed that too.  Wait and see the final results with painted trim, etc. tomorrow!  (Apologies for the poor photo with the bright sunlight.)

FabulousStationery (dot-com)

15 Sep

I love when readers share wonderful modern design products with me that I can then share with you.  Lynne alerted me to the company FabulousStationery.  As I have mentioned before, I was born without that card-sending Hallmark gene that other wonderful women in my family have.  That being said, I am having fantasies about sending Christmas cards now that I have seen this truly fabulous stationary. 

Founded in 2004, is the inspiration of twenty-year advertising agency veterans Jay Arnold, Trish DeMasi and Bruce Campbell. Jay had a penchant for innovative thinking, Trish an eye for fresh and inspired design, and Bruce a knack for harnessing the latest publishing technologies. Eureka! They had created the first line of totally modern, personalized note cards, invitations, announcements and calling cards – all designed to be as versatile and unique as you are.

I’ll say.







Original in Berlin

10 Sep

Shame on me for being so US-centric.  I love Mid2Mod and The Mod Fix.  One would think that with all the time I spend traveling, I would put more focus on mid-century design in other regions.  And given the fact that almost half the readers of this blog come from outside the US, I will commit to doing just that.  To start off this project on the best foot possible, I’d like to share a European shop that offers a wonderful variety of mid-century products to my continental friends.

From the charming Lars, who brought this store to my attention:

ORIGINAL IN BERLIN offers a wide variety of vintage mid-century furniture as well as new products from Alexander Girard, Russel Wright Pottery, George Nelson Bubble Lamps and a big collection by Austrian designer Carl Auböck. For everybody that can´t make it to our beautiful showroom located in the heart of Berlin, we also ship worldwide. Founded in summer 2010, ORIGINAL IN BERLIN is now starting to offer a larger collection of Scandinavian, French, Dutch, Italian and American design furniture out of our new 350qm Showroom. Our own upholsterers and carpenters can make every restoration or custom made requests on any piece of design furniture possible. For this, we only use KVADRAT & MISSONI Fabrics so as ELMO and SØRENSEN Leather.

AND as if that weren’t cool enough, Original in Berlin is offering 10% off all Charles Eames furniture to MCML readers.  In your order, just write  “Hello Mid Century Modern Love Eames” for your discount.  And if you do purchase something, please send me a photo!

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