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Leaving Phase Zero

6 Jul

So I am down with this ‘phases’ thing because, as posted yesterday, it makes me feel like I have accomplished something and stops me from running down West Mercer screaming and tearing out my hair in type-A female frustration. On that note, I decided to give myself a pat on the back and share the Phase Zero accomplishments of our Casa. Prepare yourself for our Befores and Afters.

The kitchen has been completely moved in and is functional, as you can see from the cleaned-up photos before our first barbeque at home. Consider it a 4th of July pre-party since we did it on the 2nd.  (Nothing like a party to be a forcing-function, eh?) That awesome striped tub from Cost Plus World Market was filled with lots of cerveza, wine and a pitcher of lemonade garnished with some of the wild strawberries growing around the property. You can also see the cabinet color choices taped up on the left hand side.  We are debating between a deep orange called Ole and a yellowy-green called Vert. So far, it’s a tie.  These awesome paint stickers come from the True Value EasyCare paint line. And while I am a Benjamin Moore devotee, I love this feature.

Remember the chaos of Before? 

Check out After:

Feeling pretty good about Phase Zero of that room.

Our bedroom is my sanctuary. It’s my chick-cave, if you will. And I don’t relax when there is chaos. Our bedrooms are almost always a grayish-blue color (Mt. Rainier Gray from Benjamin Moore is one of my favorites…staying local and all.) I can’t wait to paint this room, but for now I will settle for it going from the chaos of moving in to this relatively peaceful and inviting room:


And while Maeve’s room had gotten to Phase Zero pretty much on day one (because she is by far the most industrious and least tolerant of chaos among us), it was still pretty dark:


We really like that we are pretty much almost finished with Phase One. We need a rug and some frames for her pictures and presto! (We are trying to convince her to paint that half-wall orange…she won’t regret it!)


I’ve never shared any photos of Ainsley’s room because, being sisters, she does not have the do-it-now and make-it-pretty gene that Maeve inherited. Ainsley falls more into the camp of ‘if it’s on the floor, I will find it.’ However, I finally said that friends are not allowed over until we do something about the chaos of her room. In fact, I can’t bring myself to share the Before photos, but am feeling good about the After. On the wall opposite the windows and bed is the infamous Peanuts wall. Ainsley is just fine keeping that and finds harmony between it and her orange/pink room theme. In fact, she’s even happy with the walls in disrepair. She just wants everything to stay as it is. This is my child that really doesn’t like change.

My favorite room Phase Zero change is the Living Room/Dining Room area.  (Ignore the art work on the floor that needs to be hung in the dining room!) Sigh. There is breathing room now. Order. Peace. I love looking out at the deck and seeing Brett relaxing from the vantage point of this room. Of course, someday we’d love to have furniture more appropriate to the style (another post!), but these are my favorite rooms because they are heavily edited and just look clean. For now. (Note: Downside of moving with crates is that when they come to pick them up, you dump everything that was in them on the floor!)

They went from this:

To this:

And though they are minor rooms (the little stuff counts!), I am including Before and After photos of our closet and the laundry room. You must know that the closet is a huge victory for us because in our old house we had itty-bitty-teeny-tiny closets that are typical in pre-war bungalows. (Apparently they didn’t need many clothes.) Ours were scattered across three floors and it is like heaven to have them all in one place. Confession: I am not the tidiest closet person in the world. I like order in my home, but I come from the school of ‘if it’s behind a closed door, it doesn’t exist.’ I have a friend Emily who loves to have a glass of wine and re-organize her closet so that it looks like a retail display. I love the Emilys of the world. I am just not one of them. So this closet is as neat as my closet will ever get. Though I do see the wisdom of a shoe storage solution. Yikes!



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