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Ikea Maskros

21 Jan

Wow.  Yet again another extended holiday from the blog.  Emphasis on holiday because the holidays did me in this year.  Starting a new job and juggling all the chaos around Christmas and New Year was more than I could handle and the blog suffered.  But things did get done, believe it or not.  The happiest of which are the new fixtures in our bedroom.  We had Brett’s parents over for dinner last night and Ida the Great commented that our new fixtures were a bold choice!  Bold indeed and I love them.

Okay, I know it’s overdone.  And I know that even in a short amount of time, people are sick of it.  There are some really amazing Ikea-hacks done to the Maskros lamps, too.  However, I like it as it is.  I just like it.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it in the post I did on Farralone, where is hangs in the guest room that Marilyn Monroe stayed in.

Frank Sinatra

And yes, when IKEA first showed it at the ICFF it started to multiply all over the world like rabbits.  People began to whine about seeing it everywhere and I am sure I will get a response to this post that makes me seem unoriginal and banal.  (Probably not.  All you people are too nice for that.)

I would like to argue that perhaps what we have on our hands with the Maskros is a classic (or a new classic according to this post on Houzz).  Design-forward, unique, accessbile.  Aren’t these the criteria used by our favorite MCM designers to guide their work?  Why does good design need to be exclusive to the elite?  None of those designers would agree with the design snobs of today and are likely rolling over in their graves in despair of those who ‘just don’t get it’.

Well, we get it.  And we fell in love with it.  To replace these decade-appropriate fixtures with something so fun and bold seemed to me the perfect thing to do.  (And, according to my husband, much easier said than done.)

house 33

Plus, I love the way the Maskros echoes the design on our window panels from West Elm.


First of all the top of the Masksros is a narrow cylinder about six inches in diameter.  The hole cut for these lights is more like 12 inches.  We found some covers at Home Depot for less than $10 each.  Granted, I would have prefered a style without the faux molding around the edge, but we couldn’t find any.


And let’s be honest, putting these fixtures together is quite time consuming!  They come in this little box with the usually unintelligible IKEA directions.



And the pieces look something like this…


Ummm…yikes.  So I got on the handy dandy internet and found this lovely stop-motion video about assembling the lamp.

Mind you, I put on the flowers before hanging the lantern, but either would work.

To show the progression, the room has gone from this… (You can’t see the flower printed wallpaper!)

To this…

To this…

And now with the lovely Maskros…



Almost there, but not quite.  In the nook at the end of the room where the dog beds and random nightstand live, I imagine a lovely gray chaise lounge like this one from West Elm.  (My entire bedroom is becoming an homage to West Elm!)

Lorimer Chaise

And perhaps a hanging floor lamp like this one.

Overarching Floor Lamp - Natural

Thought that might be a bit much with the Maskros lamp.  Not sure, but I want something softer than an overhead light for reading in my perfect little corner.

And of course, we need some area rugs and artwork.  As mentioned in this post, I think a painting by Maeve above the bed would be the perfect finishing touch.  And she is already working on, so stay tuned!

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