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Kerf Design

10 Feb

We visited another house designed by Fred Bassetti, the same architect for our house.  (More on that later if they let me share the photos!)  Of every cool thing I saw in that house, and there was plenty, I fell in love with the original cabinets.  Yep, an entire kitchen full of the original plywood cabinets and the (almost) original stainless countertops.

But where does one find such things in this day and age?  Our kitchen was renovated about 20 years or so (I’d guess) with a more traditional cabinet choice for that time, as you can see.

Unfortunately, while nice cabinetry (made nicer with our paint job!),  they don’t quite go with our vision of what a mid-century kitchen should look like.

I loved the cabinets in this other Bassetti designed house on the island and would love to get something close to this.  But beyond, IKEA, where does one look?

Then I saw and ad for Kerf Design in the most recent issue of Atomic Ranch.

Located right here in Seattle, Kerf makes ‘plywood cabinets and furniture for the modern home.’  Their website has one of my favorite quotes about form following function. 

“If it is not useful or necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to make it.”


So join me in my fantasy kitchen (and bathroom) indulgence with the following photos.  Such wonderful inspiration for dreaming…

Ummm…yes, please?


Mid-Century Modern Remodel Landscaping

2 Oct

The beauty of the blog world is all the sharing and support you get from readers and fellow bloggers.  I have an open invitation for people to share their stories with me and I love it when they do.  The post below comes from fellow blogger Rebecca of Mid-Century Modern Remodel.  Enjoy!

After we remodeled our bathrooms, we were left with a 10 by 67 square foot piece of land off the back fence. I was terrified it would turn in a junkyard. Odd bits of yard are prone to become somewhat ghetto overnight … a hose here, some unused lumbar there, random pieces of flagstone stacked up against a wall — and before you know it, a blight on the neighborhood. But, luckily, I had saved a tiny bit of the remodel budget to deal with our mid-century modern garden problem. I was obsessed with having a view out the new bathroom window:

mid-century modern bathroom window after picture
 I got my wish.mid-century modern bathroom window after picture

You remember the BEFORE?

mid-century modern landscaping before picture

Pretty normal for a BACK back of the house. Except the sprinkler line was cut which elminates water to other areas of the yard, and when it starts raining we would have had mud slide. Due to the weep screed incident, near the fence line, the yard was left approximately 6 to 9 inches higher than the strip near the house — which would force rain towards the house during a big storm. BAD.


mid-century modern landscape design AFTER picture

Our needs were simple. We wanted California native plants, sparse landscape, decomposed granite, concrete pavers and some sort of water feature (AKA bubbling pot). And we got it.

Our design held pretty true to the tips on Eichler for Sale who have recommendations for mid-century modern landscaping and garden design:

There are some general guidelines and tips to keep in mind when designing a landscape or garden to compliment Eichlers or other midcentury modern homes:

  • Allow the geometry of the home to guide the overall design of the landscape & garden,
  • Select water-wise plants that maintain their foliage year-round,
  • Allow hardscape elements to carry from the front yard to the back (including the atrium),
  • Repeat the use of certain plants throughout the landscape,
  • Consider a water feature,
  • Mix materials to create variety with textures (rock, grass, wood, metal, crushed stone.

Click here to see the rest of their lovely work!

Other People’s Homes: Bay Area Town House

31 Jul
What I love about this house in particular is the the cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms.  I think it’s difficult to find new cabinets that echo the style of the true wooden mid-century ones.  These do the trick for me.  Enjoy!
(Via Modernica)

Living room featuring two vintage Hans Wegner’s Papa Bear chairs.

A beautiful replica of a 1950’s armoire was built for the entryway.

Dining room featuring Rody Graumans’ 85 Lamps chandeliers.

Kitchen was designed by architecture firm Zack | de Vito.

Bedroom was designed with storage in mind.

Bathroom was designed by architecture firm Zack | de Vito.

All photography by Ethan Kaplan. Interior Design: Antonio Martins. To read this complete story and see more photographs of this beautiful Bay area home, pick up a copy of CA Home+Design on the newsstands now.

First Blogiversary

30 May

Wowie wow wow.  How can this be?  I’ve been writing this blog for one whole year.  This is the 184th post, which is a better average than I realized.  To celebrate, I thought I would do a look back.  There is a part of me that thinks…sheesh, is this all we’ve accomplished?  There is another part of me that, when I look at these photos thinks ‘Wow!’  and is inspired to keep going.

I am going to use this post as a new page at the top of the blog as well.  Enjoy!

The Main Bathroom

It had only one sink, wall paper, a rubber-type baseboard.

And this is after painting the countertop, removing wallpaper and painting walls and cabinets, putting in a new sink and baseboards.

The Main Hallway

Painting hallway and making the end atomic orange and creating the hanging gallery.

Maeve’s Room

Painting and installing bamboo blinds.  Her room was the easiest of all.

Family Room

Painted and new furniture!  Also, Orla art, a thrifted desk and a thrifted media cabinet.

The Dining Room

The Living Room

The Deck/Rockery/Planting Bed

Other People’s Homes: Jodlowa Glass House

20 Apr

(Via Pursuitist)

I am in love with everything about this house.  The floating dining room.  The orange and gray palette in the bedroom and living room.  The pool.  The bathtub (incidentally the same one in our room at Hotel Valley Ho).  What material do you think they used for the floors?  Enjoy the post and wipe up your drool, people.

Architects PCKO from London completed the original looking Jodlowa House in Krakow, developed in collaboration with MOFO Architects from Poland.

This magnificent glass house occupies a site of outstanding natural beauty on the outskirts of the city. The architecture approach was determined by the wish to protect and conserve the natural site, which is why the residence was built on pillars, giving the impression of a hovering home. Steel frames and floor to ceiling glass windows define the facade of the residence, allowing a large amount of natural light inside.

The interiors are spacious and display a lovely mix of materials, from steel to wood and stone. A covered pool is just one of the highlights of this Krakow home, characterized by elegance and originality. We welcome you to a virtual tour of this residence- housing a covered swimming pool, two bedrooms, 140sqm of living area and a five-story viewing tower- and we hope it will be a pleasant and inspiring one.

Heal’s (or Pleasure Should Be Taken Seriously)

30 Mar

Of course, no trip to London is complete without my pilgrimage to the Orla Kiely store on Monmouth.  I had a free afternoon on Sunday, so I got on my walking shoes, my sunglasses, my ipod (yes, I still use an ipod) and headed to get my shop on.

And you know what, nothing floated my boat.  Nothing.  I think since I was there in February, not enough of the inventory had turned over.  Some new spring stuff that didn’t really excite me and all the housewares were the same.  I decided to check out a store I had heard about many times and headed to Heal’s on Tottenham Court Road.  Heal’s is the manufacturer of the awesome Orla furniture that costs more than a college education.  And take note, you fine folks, they had more Orla than Orla.

And truly, who could resist a store with this Eames quote proudly displayed on the ground floor in the spa section?  Yeah, a housewares and furniture store with a spa section.  Someone pinch me.

And not kidding about the Orla-gasm.  Check all this out:

And, to add insult to injury, two Orla chairs were on sale.  I actually spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out how to get them in my suitcase.  Of course, even at 60% off they were way more than the cash I have in the bank.  Mucho dinero.  Or mucho poundos.

Okay, lest you think it’s only Orla, it’s actually a 3-story department store filled with everything you could imagine including kitchen and bathrooms.  Think very high end and curated with more taste than Ikea.  And there was a cafe, but no meatballs.  I coveted this awesome starburst clock.  I want one of these for the kitchen and love the design of this one, though it was a smidge too big.

I also love the new trend for Pantone products in homage to the color matching system of the same name (PMS…hmmm).  Fun and cheerful, even with PMS.

And finally, in the art section, these very slick images of the two best Bonds ever.  James Bonds.

And just to verify that Catherineholm is hot, Heal’s had its own version of an enamelware print.

Of course, I did have to walk away with something.  I bought some super cute Orla enamel planters for these very sad plants sitting on the kitchen windowsill, naked in their plastic pots from the nursery.  I am sure they will cheer up in these pots.  And if I actually water them.

 (Apologies for the shoddy picture quality.  Maeve wasn’t here to be my genius photographer.  Plus, I took these surreptiously on my phone to avoid being thrown out of the store.)

Weekend Show and Tell

11 Dec

Almost all Christmas shopping done, completed last night in bed with some homemade feijoada watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. My idea of shopping heaven. But of course in my somewhat attention-deficit brain, I was flipping all around the internet and found some things I couldn’t wait to share for show and tell.  Enjoy!

This is called the ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’ wall display on Thomas Wold’s eponymous blog. From what I can tell, he’s some kind of woodworker/designer, maybe? I can’t find and ‘About’ tab and that’s a crying shame because he has some gorgeous pieces, many MCM inspired. I couldn’t find out how to contact him if I wanted to buy his stuff (as if I could!).

You all witnessed my media cabinet transformation from an old Habitat for Humanity record player cabinet into a modern family room media center. However, had I seen this and had the bravery to actually submit the inquiry request to get the cost (it’s a bit like those menus with no prices), I would have second thought the effort out into my $10 on. I love that this accomodates the moden flat screen TV and retailed that mid-century built in look from Wilkerson Furniture.  Love it.

I know that Pantone just declared the ‘Color of the Year’ as Tangerine Tango, but I’m just not there. (And who they are to declare colors of the year, I simply don’t understand. Pantone does know color, but do they know fashion?) For me, I am still ridiculous hung up on the gray and yellow of (apparently) yesteryear. I do indeed believe gray is the new beige and I love it combined with this mustardy yellow. This will inspire our bedroom, if we ever get around to working on it. (Click on any of the images for the source.)

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Funky Sungold Yellow Organic Modern Rug

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

In the DIY category, I love these wood veneer pendant lamps from Poppytalk.  While not Brandy-level possible, not impossible either.

And because we can’t be in December without a holiday show and tell, printable mid-century ornaments (on a pink tree, no less!). Love it. From Modern Kiddo.

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