Owl Heaven

15 Jul

After we started on Hailey and Hannah’s room, of course Ainsley decided she wanted us to get moving on hers too.  Though Ainsley, Hailey and Hannah are all going into 6th grade next year, Ainsley is more than seven months older than the twins.  She is entering that stage between child and teenager where she wants to hold on to her old stuffies and toys, but doesn’t want them to dominate her room the way they used to.  And ‘no more pink!’ she declared. 

We started here after just moving in:

We got some nets for them to hang from the ceiling and bought her a little more sleeping space on her bed. It was the best option for a room being over-taken by stuffed animals that she refuses to part with.

She got owl linens from Dwell Studio for her birthday because she really has a thing for owls.  Then she asked that we paint one wall of her room the deep teal color from the linens.  Holding our breath as we obliged, it actually turned out really well.  I like the warm wood next to the blue and it gives her room a lot of dimension now, which it didn’t have before.

I think the owl thing comes from the fact that we have a real live owl living in the forest preserve next to our house.  (And the owl motif is very mid-century.) You can see him sitting majestically in a tree and sometimes swooping down for prey.  Isn’t he gorgeous?

Next to Ainsley’s bed is a felt owl made as a Christmas gift  from the twins.  The stitched owl on the wall was also for Christmas from her aunt.  And finally, the white ceramic one she stole from me after I ordered it from West Elm.  (Like the twin’s room, lamp also from Target $19.99, as well as shag rug.)

Of all of us, Ainsley is probably the one most comfortable with living in the in between.  She can only handle change in small doses.  She is perfectly happy with the fact that we have not yet taken down the Peanuts wallpaper, though it drives her mother crazy now.  Nor have we patched or painted the other two walls with white.  Baby steps.  Or big girl steps now, I guess.


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