Say It With Firecrackers

4 Jul

I used to never like the Fourth of July.  Growing up in Texas, it was always too hot and I just never got into it.  However, when I moved to Chicago, the Fourth of July parade used to line up right in front of our first house and I loved the ‘small town’ feel of the holiday.

Now that we live on Mercer Island, there is no official Fourth of July celebration here.  The island saves its festivities for the Summer Celebration, which is the weekend following.  However, I love the tradition they have of lining all the major streets with thousands of American flags.  I also love that every year we can buy great fireworks from the Kiwanis stand in the parking lot across from Mercerdale park.  There is even something reassuring about the fact that Molly the beagle has to hide in the shower when the fireworks start going off. 

(Image via Mercer Island Pulse)

And speaking of nerdy traditions, there are some movies that we enjoy every Fourth of July as well.  (Or the week of rather because we couldn’t watch all these in one day and still go to barbeques!)  We love the Paul Giamatti ‘John Adams’ HBO miniseries.  I have a little crush on Thomas Jefferson in that movie and I also love the way Laura Linney portrays Abigail Adams.  And of course, there is the obligatory ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ which actually makes my husband tear up.  (How cute is that?)

And finally, though not a Fourth of July film, per se, I love the Fred Astaire firecracker dance in ‘Holiday Inn’.  Have a wonderful Fourth and ‘say it with firecrackers’.  (Click on the image below to watch this amazing clip.)

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