Whaam! Bratatat! Varoom! Roy Lichtenstein : A Retrospective

15 May
I am re-posting this from Modernica’s blog (even though the show is in Chicago) because:
  1. Modernica is awesome.
  2. Chicago is my old stomping ground and my happy place. And I was once a very young intern at the Art Institute of Chicago many years ago.
  3. My Pop Art post is far and away the most popular post I have ever had, so you people must really dig pop art. (If you haven’t read this post, you should because it offers a different perspective on Lichtenstein.)

Roy Lichtenstein, Grrrrrrrrrrr!!, 1965. Oil on canvas

The Art Institute of Chicago explodes this summer with the energy of Roy Lichtenstein in the largest exhibition of the influential Pop artist to date. More than 160 works—from the familiar to the completely unexpected, including never-before-seen drawings, paintings, and sculpture—present a profound exploration of Lichtenstein’s signature style and its myriad applications. The result—a dazzling array of color and dynamism, traversing art historical movements, magazine advertisements and comics, nudes and heroes, sea and sky—captures the power of Pop with works of art as fresh and revolutionary as they were 50 years ago.

Roy Lichtenstein, 1962, Oil on Canvas

Roy Lichtenstein, Bread and Jam, 1963

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