Better Late than…(Or Ode to Michelle)

15 Feb

Something to know about me:  I don’t do holidays or birthdays all that well.  I tend to forget dates and occasions like that seem to slip by me.  I have never considered myself absent-minded, though maybe I should, given a recent comment made to me that I needed a ‘handler’.

I have one friend whose birthday I got wrong for multiple years in a row.  (I think by the third year she got over being annoyed and found it endearing.  I think.)  Another time, I realized that the Christmas gifts that needed mailing to my family were still stacked on the bedroom floor.  In February.  I mailed them and called them Easter presents.  I like to think it was a nice surprise.  I am lucky to be married to a man with the same deficiency, so we just don’t do gifts for each other.  We both agree it’s just too much pressure.  We will buy something for the house (like Taylor) or take a trip somewhere but trying to come up with gifty things for each other has never floated either of our boats.

I am regularly shamed by the other female members of my family who got what I affectionately call the ‘Hallmark’ gene.  You know, the ones who have cards for every occasion (mailed on time!) and who send you lovely, thoughtful little gifts out of nowhere.  They do thank you notes instead of thank you emails.

The biggest offender (in an ironic sense, of course) is Michelle, who has made multiple appearances in this blog and is affectionately known in our house as Auntie Shell.  Auntie Shell not only emails me regular (almost daily) links to wonderful mid-century finds on Etsy, she will also send me things like a great mid-century poster or felted yarn ball garland she made for me ‘just because’ she saw on the blog that I liked it.  (Confession time:  I post crafty things like that on the blog with the dream that talented ladies in my life like Michelle and Maeve will do just that. Score!)

Yesterday, she sent me a Valentine on Facebook:  a link to a free mid-century modern desktop wallpaper from Lushpad that is too darling for words.  It’s downloadable in red or black in a variety of sizes for computers, iPhones, iPads, etc.  I don’t think there is a time limit on it, but just in case, go get it now and deck out your consumer electronics with silhouettes of Nelson clocks, Eames chairs, bubble sofas and Noguchi coffee tables.

So typical and considerate of her to think of me on Valentine’s Day.  How characteristic and flighty of me to not to send her something.  Nonetheless, I hope she will accept this as a Valentine to her for being such an amazing person.  Her support of me throughout my life and of this blog venture is beyond anything I could have hoped for.  And apropos of the recent movie, I really don’t know how she does it.



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