Weekend Show and Tell

5 Feb

I ran across this furniture company last week on Fab (which if you haven’t discovered you should) and I am smitten with their products.  Gingko specializes in mid-century design and fine hand-crafted furniture at super reasonable prices.  While we have already ordered a sofa (more on that later), I am only slightly bummed we didn’t see this one first.  Retailing for $1900, Fab had it for $1159.  I will most likely be giving serious consideration to their coffee and end tables though.  I particularly like the Soho coffee table and the Lewis nightstand below.

From the Jenn Ski Studio Blog, a post called I love my husband.  Apparently he found a vintage book on how to build mid-century modern furniture for her.  I would love my husband too, had he found such a thing.  I would love him even more if he would build the furniture in it.  I found it on Amazon with the least expensive used copy starting at $71.  Trying to decide if it’s worth it.

Via Pursuitist…you had me at ‘spa’ house.  Built by Metropolis Design in Cape Town, this house is a wet dream.  Literally. With a stunning dining area submerged below water level, the house also benefits from an island-inspired pool deck and an underwater spa, massage rooms, deep and shallow pools, children’s pool and jacuzzi.

From Urban Outfitters (yes, really), this lovely three-tiered pendant lampshade for only $64 (another yes, really).  It requires a cord kit, like the kind you buy for those paper lanterns but it is so cool looking and inexpensive that it’s worth it.

A good friend introduced me to this site last week and since I’ve already smuttied up the post by making a wet dream joke, I might as well go for it and introduce you to  I find this funny because a few weeks ago, the husband says to me ‘you know this design site obsession you have is your version of porn, right?’  Ummm…right.

The sales pitch on the home page says it all: You can’t stop looking and start to imagine how it would feel like to live in a room like that. You drool just by looking at the textures, the colours and the light that comes from the large windows. You dream about it, you’re addicted to it. Your interiors, your porn.

It is full of curated gorgeousness like this from Desire to Inspire.  If only…

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2 Responses to “Weekend Show and Tell”

  1. Dana@Mid2Mod February 5, 2012 at 11:16 am #

    I have to check out that book…and, of course, you got me hooked on! 🙂

    • Brandy February 5, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

      I know! I am really such a bad influence, aren’t I?


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