Wish and Ye Shall Receive

2 Jan

Remember the other day when I was swooning over my new dresser find whilst simultaneously wishing for a low-boy mid-century dresser for Maeve? Well, I had a a wonderful comment from a reader reminding me that the key to collecitng good mid-century products is to pounce on them. (This goes against my three-day rule, but hey, I’m a complicated girl.) And lo and behold, I found one.

I found it on Craigslist for $125. Not a bad price considering that the IKEA alternative that she wanted was smaller and almost $300. (And we’d have to put the bugger together ourselves!) The seller also offered to deliver it for another $25. Done! It was a simple straightforward (and rare!) Craigslist deal. He did what he said he would do; I did what I said I would do. Kismet. It’s in excellent shape, with a minor couple of pits on the top that can be filled with putty. The drawers are a lovely curved wood. Really beautiful.

And fortunately, Maeve loves it. It’s big and long and heavy. Inspired by the pictures of the refinished dressers with the white accents,  she wants to paint the cabinet a bright white and stain the drawers a deep ebony color. She isn’t the biggest fan of the handles, so we looked to replace those as well.

Of course, we have none of the things necessary to do this project, so she and I headed to Home Depot and bought our first power tool together: a hand sander. We also picked up some new handles in a simple brushed nickel.

When we got home, we moved the desk outside and started in. This sanding business is easier than I thought. Although it could just be that anything seems easier after painting kitchen cabinets. (Update on that soon!) It’s ridiculously satisfying to see all that old, yellowy finish ground to dust, leaving behind a pristine and beautiful wood. (Ignore the fact that our deck obviously also needs sanding and refinishing. Summer project.)

We learned that the handles we bought were off by just a fraction from the old handle holes. Not sure how to deal with that as they are obviously a unique size. One option is to fill the holes with wood putty, but I doubt the stain will look very good over that. If that is the path we take, I think we have to paint the drawers instead, which I think would be a mistake given the lovely wood grain. Another option is to spraypaint the handles silver instead. I think it would look at least slightly more modern.

Maeve had to put the stain on at least one of the drawers to see what it looked like. And it looks awesome. I think that will help with the drawer pull decision. Most likely, this project will be on-going (and on and on and on) and you know I will keep you up-to-date every step of the way.  Any advice you have one furniture refinishing, I’m all ears.


4 Responses to “Wish and Ye Shall Receive”

  1. kw January 3, 2012 at 12:09 am #

    feed n wax and teak oil are the best things i’ve found to refinish old MCM furniture.. sand all the way down and teak oil and then feed n wax. It works wonders.

    • Brandy January 3, 2012 at 7:11 am #

      It is truly amazing! I will be posting about my other adventures with it soon too. I have never heard of feed n wax, but I will look into it. Thanks for the comment.



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