Happy Christmas

25 Dec

I sit here this morning in a living room covered in wrapping paper and bows and boxes and gifts scattered everywhere to the point that one can barely see the floor. Under normal circumstances, this would make my skin crawl and turn me into a raving screaming shrew. Right now however, I feel nothing but the deepest and most solid contentment as I watch our four girls: one painting her nails with her new Muppet OPI nail polish, one practicing putting on her new make-up, one spinning her new globe round and round and the other sitting in a present coma in the middle of the floor. One of the dogs is attacking his new squeaker toys while the other is hiding in the closet, afraid of the noise. And I am sure that selling our other house plays no small role in my current peaceful state, too. I have nothing to worry about and it’s heaven.

We open our family presents and have our big turkey dinner on Christmas Eve. This tradition started when Maeve was a baby and would get so overwhelmed by the Christmas morning hoopla that she would have a complete meltdown in the middle of present opening. Last night we ate a beautiful turkey made from the same fool-proof recipe I have used for years, except instead of wine and butter I basted it with hard apple cider and butter. (I do not and never have brined it.) All I can say is yum. We sat around in our Christmas crowns reading jokes from the crackers and being generally happy and obnoxious.

We have had a breakfast big enough for a small village and are settling into our post-Christmas lull.  I said the only thing I wanted today was some downtime to watch The Bishop’s Wife in my bed, so my wonderful husband put the clean sheets on the bed, lit my candle in my room and sent me there to relax. Blessed am I.

Happy Christmas to everyone! Hope Santa had no trouble on the roof of your house (via Atomic Indy). Keep loving your ‘Damn bullshit contemporary architecture!’



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