So Close and Yet so Far…

13 Dec

I wasn’t kidding when I said this was a slow-going and arduous task. If someone had told me before I started how long this would take and how much it would try my patience (okay, well some did), I chose not to wouldn’t have believed them. Here’s where we are.  This past weekend I…

  • Gave the cabinet casings their second bond coat. (Sounds weird, right? Like I should serve a shaken not stirred martini with it.)
  • Painted the drawers with their first and second bond coats. Let dry two hours between coats.
  • Applied protective top coat to cabinet casings and drawers. This was way harder than I thought it would be. I thought the process would be more like a manicure. Be careful with the color but slap on the top coat. That top coat is clear but this one is kind of milky and reminded me of the polycrilic I used for the bathroom countertops.

  • I found the top coat to be the hardest part because you have to apply very evenly and apply enough to coat but not so much that it bubbles. The bond coat is very matte and almost chalky feeling when it’s dry, so if you miss a spot with the top coat, you can really see it. I ended up going over a few places again with the top coat to make sure it looked even.

  • Applied top coat to the drawers.
  • Let everything dry for 12 + hours.
  • Brett drilled holes into the drawers and installed the new knobs (yay for Brett being up and about!), though apparently some did not come with screws that were long enough. Weird.

All in all, despite the tedium, we are encouraged and thrilled with the result. All that is left (ha!) are the cabinet doors. Fronts and backs. I have promised myself this will be done by Christmas. Maybe Santa could finish it for me?


2 Responses to “So Close and Yet so Far…”


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