Kitchen Transformation Update

7 Dec

Let’s just say it’s slow-going. I don’t think I realized when I decided to tackle the kitchen cabinets what a monumental task it would be, especially given that I am the only fully functional adult in the house and therefore working full-time and taking care of the cooking and dish-washing and lunch packing and breakfast making and beverage getting and everything else. Honestly, there was a moment this weekend when I was cursing this project and I think the neighbors heard it. When I started packing up the kitchen drawers I had an awful flashback to moving in and having to unpack the kitchen boxes then. I feel now as I felt then: Geeze, we have a lot of crap. (And we all know how I feel about that, right?)

Once I got through the hours of packing up, I started wiping down the cabinets, drawers and casing with some serious 409 and elbow grease. My second thought now was: Geeze, we got a lot of dirt. We actually prepare food in here? Yuck. But then I thought about the fact that a lot of the yuck came from oil and flour and sugar and coffee and apple juice (and I am sure some wine and beer thrown in there for good measure). So, I cut myself a little slack there. But that project was a good 90 minutes.

Then I started the de-glossing. This is the Rustoleum word for ‘not sanding’.  Basically, you use what seems to be a very harsh chemical to eat through the finish on the cabinets, prepping them for paint. And somehow magically it also means you don’t have to prime. (Apparently you can buy a similar solutions off the shelf that is called liquid sandpaper.  Who knew? Obviously not me.) I wasn’t sure how that was all going to work out. They recommend rubber gloves and trust me, you need them. You put this clear liquid de-glosser on a scouring pad and scrub the cabinets down. Without the gloves, you most likely would scrub off your first layer of skin too.

Thus far, I have de-glossed the cabinet casings and all the drawer fronts. I have yet to tackle the doors because I was side-tracked by a 13 year old who can never wait to start painting. Remember this? She wanted to start painting RIGHT NOW. And since I’d already cleaned and de-glossed (I just love that word) I said, sure.  Go ahead.

And man, am I glad I did. Once she started putting on the bond coat (Rustoleum’s name for ‘color’), I was inspired all over again. I love it. Love love love love love it. (Do you get how much I love it?) The color is perfect. Dark and rich, even with just one coat. Contrasts beautifully with the white countertops and even makes the backsplash look like it belongs there. (Sort of.) And the bond coat really ‘bonds’. It went on like a charm and the cabinets soaked it up beautifully. It has a slight finish that reminds me more of stain than paint and is extremely matte in texture.

Maeve painted the island and I painted the cabinet casings on the outer walls. We have another coat to go and then the ‘protective top coat’. (This is starting to feel a little bit like a cabinet manicure.) I think we are skipping the ‘glazing’ step because I don’t really need another step (I wouldn’t do well in a 12-step program) and because it supposedly brings out the wood grain and I am more interested in a solid opaque color look. Regardless, this little painting step has completely changed my bad attitude because I can see it in my head now. And it’s gorgeous. I actually can’t wait to spend the weekend finishing this project.


6 Responses to “Kitchen Transformation Update”

  1. Ida December 7, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

    It looked great yesterday. Can’t wait to see it done.

  2. Corina December 7, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    I love the dark color on cabinets, it’s one of my personal favorites. Great Job.

    • Brandy December 8, 2011 at 7:26 am #

      Thanks. I can’t wait to finish it this weekend!

  3. Andy December 7, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    Great color!

    • Brandy December 7, 2011 at 8:43 am #

      Thanks! It was such the right decision!


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