Weekend Show and Tell

4 Dec

Yep, folks. It’s all Christmas all the time from now until the 25th. I am sure there will be some non-Christmas projects thrown in, like the cabinets. At least some that I can manage myself as Brett is still pretty laid up in bed and will be for a few more weeks. (The one thing I know I am good at is shopping, so he better watch out. Better not cry…you know the rest.) So for Weekend Show and Tell, it’s still holiday cheer, both projects and presents.

From Babble, a wonderful MCM Christmas stand made of a tree trunk. Mid-century atmosphere completed with shag rug and Eames chair.

Ummm…what can I say about this? I know I have jumped the shark on the Peanuts stuff. I know I am guilty of becoming one of those old women that wears the Peanuts equivalent of denim shirts with Winnie the Pooh embroidered on it. I just can’t help myself. There is now an app for mobile phone, tablet, iPhone or Android device that includes the option to decorate your own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, participate in the Lights and Display Contest to unlock rewards, play Schroeder’s piano, finger paint with the gang, go carolling with the Peanuts choir and much more. Does it bother anyone that this commercialization of The Charlie Brown Christmas is what the cartoon was railing against? Yeah, me neither. (Apparently not available on Windows 7 phone. Bummer.)


Not holiday, but could be a great present from a very rich relative, a chair surrounded by books. Like being enveloped in a wonderful literary blanket. Not sure how comfortable the chair is, but I am just in love with the idea.

Bibliochaise Home

Because you all know about my Scrabble thing, I poached this idea from Pinterest. Clever Scrabble tile ornaments. Though, Faith, Hope, Love and all that aren’t likely for me to use, I do think the girls names would be a great idea.

Pinned Image

On the other end of the price spectrum, re-using and homemade things are totally the mid-century ethos. Check out this homemade lip balm in recycled mint tins. These would be great gifts for office friends or the girls’ school buddies. Lovely.


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