Luck Be a Lady

30 Nov

Every since I actually won something (read about it here) and ever since I did my first blog giveaway (here), I am all about contests. This is kind of weird for me as I wouldn’t consider myself a contesty (though sometimes testy) girl. I don’t buy lottery tickets. I don’t gamble. I prefer a logical and calculated risk to chance. Yet these days I am flying my inner Lady Luck flag high, people.

And it’s the perfect time to do it too. Something about the holidays means that everyone and their brother is giving stuff away and some of it is some awesome mid-century booty baby. If I were smart, I wouldn’t share any of this with you and boost my own chances, but hey I’m all about spreading the love.

The first is Dwell Magazine’s ‘What’s Your Favorite Marimekko Design?’ I am all about Marimekko as you know, which made it not so easy to pick my favorite. There should be some kind of guide to what your favorite pattern says about you. Are you a classic Unikko kind of girl or a more bold Kaivo chick? (Personally, I voted for Lumimarja.)

2Modern is giving away something each day for 12 days. They are also offering 12% off items in the store. You have to ‘like’ their page on Facebook and sign up for their weekly emails to enter but looks like some cool stuff so I think it’s worth it.

Smart Furniture is doing their 12 Days of Eames Giveaway starting December 1. Each day they will give a product inspired by or designed by Ray and Charles Eames. Maybe NOW I can have that chair.

Apartment Therapy and it’s affiliate sites (the kitchn, ohdeedoh, Unpluggd and Re-nest) are having the mother of all Holiday Giveaways.  One prize from each site each day until December 18th, over 100 prizes total. And there are some lovelies…the Ryder Rocking Chair from West Elm that I covet, LeCrueset cookware, Marimekko (there it is again!) pillows and a lot more.


Happy holidays and happy contest-entering!  Let me know what you win.


2 Responses to “Luck Be a Lady”

  1. Andy November 30, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    Entered them all… planning on winning them all too!

    • Brandy November 30, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

      Good luck! I think you should give me a bounty!


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