Other People’s Homes

22 Nov

From one of our readers, Lynne shared photos of her gorgeous MCM home with the renovation in process.  Below are her words about the home and some photos. I find great inspiration here, especially with the lovely sky lights and Native American artwork.

My architect uncle who studied with Mies van der Rohe built this house in 1969, and placed it into the woods by the design of the terrain.  He lived here until 2008 when he passed away. His wife was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in Anthropology, she taught Anthropology at the University of Iowa and wrote books about, and lived with the native people of Northeastern Canada, the Dogrib Indians.  An amazing couple who became challenged by health issues,  I inherited this home and alot more: native art and artifacts, an incredible mid-century modern library. This house is amazing and perhaps my uncle left it to us because he wanted their legacy to receive the respect and love that it required, and probably others would not have taken this on.

Thanks so much for sharing Lynne.  We look forward to hearing about the progress!  Other readers, please share your MCM homes no matter what stage of renovation or remodel, whether it’s your completed dream home or still just a dream.


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