‘Really tied the room together’

3 Nov

Some of you may have thought I lost my mind painting the family room that color green, as I posted about yesterday. But sometimes you just need one or two little things that tie a room together and completely transform it.

For me, that was my birthday present from Maeve. We know I love all things Marimekko and Maeve knew I was a little bummed to miss visiting the new flagship store when we were in NYC a few weeks ago. She did one better. She brought Marimekko to me.

She ordered a gorgeous piece of Marimekko fabric from Etsy which arrived on my birthday. And with speed I have never see (nor could imagine accomplishing myself), she whipped up three sofa cushions using old pillow inserts within about an hour.

Add to that the shag pillow from Tarjay I wrote about a few weeks back and the bookcase from the living room, voila! The room really comes together in a way I couldn’t imagine just a few days prior.

(Ten points for naming the movie that provided the post title!)


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