Our Spooky House

1 Nov

What would a November 1st be without a review of Halloween?  Our first celebration in our new home actually happened Saturday night in our annual Halloween party. Now this is way more than a birthday party for me, it’s a celebration of our favorite holiday and we don’t hold back. Granted, our MCM house is already a little scary, but we ghosted it up a little bit more.

Spider webs were everywhere!

Maeve borrowed some ideas from Martha Stewart with these little mice hidden all over the house.

The favorite picture taking spot was in the kitchen in front of the spider web.

Also from Martha Stewart, these darling wine labels.

We had apple bobbing and pumpkin decorating for the kids.

A Halloween photo opp.

And of course our lovely gypsy and owl.

Finally, you know it’s been a good party when your kitchen looks like THIS the next morning.  (Thepartially painted cabinets were a good conversation topic.  Brown was the hand’s down winner.)

We hope you and yours had a wonderful and spooky holiday too!


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