Meet Another Karl

4 Oct

In a previous post I made a joking reference inviting you to meet my husband Carl Spackler. Now I have another Karl to introduce to you.

You know how you always want people to take photographs of your ‘good side’? Or how in almost any given situation you want to put your ‘best foot forward? Well, if you can believe it, we’ve been doing a fair bit of that. I think it’s because my project list began with areas in the house that I felt I could control, the areas where as a beginning DIY-er, I felt like I had at least a possibility of a positive outcome.

The family room is not one of those areas. It is however where we spend a majority of our time. (Especially now that we have no furniture in the main living room!) I don’t like it. I don’t like being in there. It has old (really old) carpet that is coming up from the tack board between the room and the kitchen. It has an unbelievably motley crew of furniture from my husband’s bachelor days. (No offense, honey.) The sky lights have this kind of messy drywall compound around them that must have been from a leak repair, which we’ve had no problem with thank goodness. Good repair.

And when I say motley crew of furniture, I mean it. The sofa is one Brett had in his room when I was dating him for which we bought a target slipcover (that never really fit) so I wouldn’t get those boy cooties they have in their furniture. This sofa is man-cave ready and I was ready for it to be there. The TV stand is an old blonde wood IKEA stand with drawers that don’t really open and close very well. And the crown jewel of the room is Brett’s Dania leather rocker. Now, I don’t object in theory to these rockers. They fit well with our style and are quite nice. When they are new. But his one is so worn that is the leather has changed colors and it is so far past its prime that ‘nice’ just isn’t a word I would use for it now.

We cleared about $800 for the furniture from the living room.  I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted to buy so I turned my eye to the family room. Brett and I had been wanting a sectional for the family room for a long time, something comfy and large that all six of us could fit on. At IKEA last weekend, I took a look at one that had been recommended by my heroes at Young House Love, the Karlstad. (I just love IKEA names for furniture.) I did some more research. This sofa is pretty much recommended everywhere I looked. It’s a solid value for the price ($899) and has a 10 year warranty, pretty much on par with the other class of sofas I was considering.

So we did it. Sunday we drove to IKEA, looked at it again and bought it. Under 10 minutes flat. Brett and I are not people who mull over decisions like sofas too much. Saw it. Liked it. Researched it. Bought it. Done. Veni vidi vici. Voila! (Any other foreign v-words that work here?)

Oh, and we love it. It came while I was at work yesterday and Brett and Maeve put it together, which is no small feat apparently. (I mean, putting together a sofa?  Really? Only from IKEA.) The lines of the sofa completely change the room and point it in the right direction. We will be giving Karl’s legs the treatment because they are too light for the room I have in my head.


The old sofa and white leather chair (yes, you heard right) moved out to their rightful place in the man cave. The messy desk and lounge chair and media stand are still there, along with the bean bags and toddler chair that has somehow found a home in the fireplace. But soon, my friends soon. We have a plan for the media stand that we will share soon. I can’t wait to really tackle this room.


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