Weekend Show and Tell

2 Oct

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but living in our home is like living in our own park, a wonderful natural habitat where we see deer, gophers (or moles according to my husband) and now an owl.  A horned owl to be exact. (And we know how much I love owls.) We discovered him the other day upon hearing the crows go absolutely nutso. They were all gathered in a tree cawing their heads off at him. And he just sat there. Calm. Steady. Wise. Heavenly to be watched over by such a creature. He stayed there all day and into the evening. Ainsley named him Horner.  We hope he comes back. This palette from Design Seeds reminded me of our new friend and has a lovely neutral combination that I love. Apparently beige and gray is a trendy new color combination, going against all conventional wisdom of keeping cool and warm color palettes separate. I like it!

And because Ainsley has the same owl fascination I do, she has decided that she would like owls to be the primary theme of her room, now that she has accept the Peanuts wallpaper is not long for this world. In Dwell Studio, I saw this wonderful owl duvet. I can’t wait to show it to her and see if we can paint her room a color other than pink!

Owls Duvet Set

And speaking of birds in trees, check out this creative mid-century modern bird house I found on Etsy. So clever, but so expensive! This has to be an easy DIY, don’t you think?

Mid Century Inspired Modern Cedar Birdhouse in Orange

It’s the weekend of sales on mid-century furniture: the Knoll sale (through 10/2) and the Modernica warehouse sale in LA (partnered with a 15% off online sale for those of us who couldn’t rush to LA but are incredibly jealous of those who could!).  The Modernica sale has been extended one more day through 10/2 as well. Go grab some Eames chairs and send me one! (Rocker in orange please!)

Kartell Modern Home & Office Furniture

From Remodelista, ten kitchen flooring options. I can say that this completely confirms my desire for cork in the kitchen and family room. So gorgeous.

One more tidbit in relation to this week’s Pop Art post: Retro Renovation recently covered pop art as well from another angle. Great images and quotes from Richard Hamilton.  I particularly like his definition of pop art.  So much better than my overly wordy one.

Pop art is:
Popular (designed for a mass audience),
Transient (short-term solution),
Expendable (easily forgotten),
Low cost, Mass produced,
Young (aimed at youth),
Witty, Sexy, Gimmicky, Glamorous, Big business.

Have a great Sunday everyone!




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