Pinterest Game On!

27 Jul

Oh yeah…game on!

You all know how much I love Young House Love. This is only surpassed by my love of Pinterest. (Oh…and right by my husband and family too.  Of course.) For those of you who haven’t checked out either…YOU MUST DO SO NOW! Click above and have your home design world shift forever.

When the two things I love came together yesterday in the Pinterest Challenge, well…it was like the clouds parted and heaven my children sang. I loved the idea of a Pinterest Challenge until I realized it meant I had to make something. Like with my own two hands. Oh dear.


While I like the idea of making things, I prefer the idea of other people making things for me. But Sherry and her compatriots have me inspired.  I will make something from my ‘Fun DIY’ Pinterest board this weekend if it kills me.  And it might.

We know it won’t be the DIY mid-century desk

Or the awesome welded firepit

I do think that I could handle the dry-erase board


Or the terrariums, which I really really love.


If we could find the Eames chair-legs for less than $100, Brett could totally pull off this DIY bench with the wood from the rockery project.

So will you join me in this Pinterest Challenge? The idea is to post your creation on the YHL blog (and hopefully the MCML blog too!) by August 2nd.  I am committing to the two projects above.  I think they are an accessible entry point into this DIY-thang. If you aren’t a Pinterest convert yet, please submit the DIY you are proudest of to share!

And if that weren’t incentive enough, check out this snort-inducing video from Sherry of YHL and her compatriots in crime.  Enjoy!


4 Responses to “Pinterest Game On!”

  1. Andy Pierce July 27, 2011 at 11:55 am #

    I really like that desk… been thinking about decommissioning our ‘lab’ and creating a homework / temp office setting and that might do the trick.

    • Brandy July 27, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

      I know…it’s cool, right? Let me know how it goes. Take photos!


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    […] I can be kind of lame sometimes and not get things done as quickly as I want to.  I posted the Pinterest challenge a while ago with the hopes of completing a DIY project from my Pinterest boards. Let’s be kind […]

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