Book Lust Part Deux

19 Jul

Incredible response to yesterday’s Book Lust post. Who knew you were all such bibliophiles? The thing I love about blogs is the sharing. A couple of really comments and suggestions that I wanted to share.

Our friend Andy sent us a photo of a very cool book shelf that hides an even bigger book room. I am having fantasies about that being my hiding place!  I think it should have a secret code to enter, like you have to pull the correct Jane Austen book at just the right angle to gain admittance. (We unfortunately do not know to whom to credit the photo or the work. If you know, please alert us and we will credit appropriately!)

My brother Patrick (he of the kelly green room) sent me some absolutely lusty photos of bookcases that left me dizzy with desire! (Don’t worry…that’s as PG as the blog will get.)

I mean…hello, gorgeous!

And more lovely woodwork.  Also, love those green ceramic whatever-they-are make-shift end table things next to the sofa.  Sigh.

And even more…(I think I may swoon!)

Is it wrong that I have book storage fantasies? (Don’t tell Brett!)

As an added bonus, because this post is all cool things that have been shared, my brother also shared this totally fab clip from the promo for Koolhaas Life, a documentary on living in modern architecture.  How fun is THAT?


4 Responses to “Book Lust Part Deux”

  1. Andy Pierce July 19, 2011 at 1:00 pm #

    WOW! Amazing stuff there… Glad I could be a contributor to your lusty fantasies!

    The X’ed up wall and the staircase are so cool… WANT!

  2. sleepingdogtextile July 19, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    OMIGOSH! How beautiful! Just the thought of storage makes me want to start rearranging the furniture….


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