Just like starting over…

15 Jul

This is going to be our secret. At some point soon, most likely before I make the trip to the paint store and have a roller in my hand, I will admit to my husband that the colors we I chose for the main bathroom are a mistake. When we embarked on this adventure, the advice I heard over and over again is that learning is part of the process. You will make mistakes. You will fix them. And you will learn.

Well, here I am with my mea culpa because I think the plan for the main bathroom was a mistake. Not actually a mistake per se because it worked in my mind. And on my Pinterest mood board. It just doesn’t really work in real life. I think the main reason it doesn’t work in real life is that there is no skylight in my mind or on my mood board. (I advise you not to make a comment about any holes I may have in my mind.)

The lesson learned from this is to slow down. Slow down and pick colors in the right light. Live with them for a while. Trust your gut. When you start to roll it on and you think to yourself, ‘Gee, that looks more lavender than gray,’ it probably is. Don’t cut-in and roll the entire room hoping that lavender tint goes away. Stop right there. Put down the roller and back away from the tray. Save yourself.

Not living with a sample of the paint in the appropriate lighting was problem number one. Problem number two was ignoring the color of the tile in the shower. Problem number three is my inability to decide what to do about the floor. Let’s take these one by one, shall we?

The moment I brushed on the first coat I knew something wasn’t right. But in my hubris, I decided that what wasn’t right was me not really liking it. It would grow on me, I told myself. Perhaps the lighting wasn’t right at that moment, but would be later. You know, like at midnight. Why do we lie to ourselves like this? Remember…if it feels wrong, it probably is wrong. (But growing up Catholic I was also taught that if it feels right, it’s probably wrong too.)

The tile color in the shower is a chameleon. Upon first glance, it’s a mossy green. Then in some lights it’s tan. And next to the lavender-ish gray, it’s downright hideous snot green. The paint is too blue. The tile is too yellow. Something needs to change and I can tell you with fair certainty it ain’t the tile.

And I thought I could live with the original Marmoleum floor. I wanted to. I still want to. But it’s coming up at a seam and everyone we talk to about it says that’s the beginning of the end. I thought we could make it work until we really reached the end, but the lavender-ish gray is having the same effect on the floor that it has on the tile. Snot. I would really like to use cork for any flooring we have to replace (both bathrooms and the kitchen and family rooms) because it’s an appropriate mid-century option. So do we go ahead and put in the cork floor and see if that tames the purple monster inhabiting my gray paint? Or do we re-paint a gray with a more greenish undertone and live with the floors as they are until they truly give out?

Decisions. Decisions. Going to sleep on it.


5 Responses to “Just like starting over…”

  1. sleepingdogtextile July 15, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    Don’t beat yourself over this….At least it is “only” a bathroom. Give yourself a gold star for tackling this project. (That’s why God created primer.)
    Before we even thought that we would be moving from San Antonio, I convinced Stevie that we should paint our house a kinda seafoam green. It was a beautiful color. However, Steve’s brother said that it reminded him of submarines.
    When the beloved ranch home was put on the market and stayed on the market for what seemed FOREVER, the only thing that we could figure out what was wrong …..was the color. Lesson learned: go with flow on the outside and go bold inside.

    Good luck!


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