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30 May

Our friend Kate commented yesterday that this was a 180 turn from our current home.  She couldn’t be more right.  At this moment, I am in the bedroom of our 1923 craftsman style home in the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle.  We moved here a little over a year ago as a compromise between Brett’s Central District neighborhood and my previous home on Mercer Island.

I love this house.  Love it.  We walked in, saw only the living room, dining room and kitchen before Brett said, ‘I don’t care what the rest of the house looks like.  This is our house.’

Fortunately, the rest of the house was lovely and, more importantly, big enough for our family.  Not an easy feat.  Five bedrooms, three baths, a huge finished basement and man-cave for Brett and his bikes.  We painted.  We hung pictures.  We got married.  We settled in for the long haul and promised the kids this was our final home.  (Big mistake!  I learned then never to promise children anything permanent.  Cue George Harrison ‘All Things Must Pass’.)

Sadly enough, there are many reasons why we are choosing to leave this house, some more complicated than others.  Suffice it to say that city living wasn’t for me, the over two-hour each day back-and-forth commute wasn’t for me, and we missed all our friends and life on the island.  When Brett suggested we move back, I didn’t believe it.  And for a few months, I still didn’t believe it.  I kept asking him, ‘Are you sure?  Really?  Like really sure?’  And he just kept saying yes.

And this lovely house we are leaving?  Well, we still own it.  Yep, that’s right.  We own it.  And now we have TWO house payments until we sell it.  Somebody do some kind of Seattle real estate rain dance, please!  Though we don’t close on the new place until Halloween to give us time to sell this place (that’s right…my 40th birthday), the owner who I now christen ‘Awesome Abby’, has agreed to let us take early occupancy and start working on the house now.  How truly awesome is that? 

Next post…priorities.


3 Responses to “About Face”

  1. Scott Driscoll June 6, 2011 at 2:16 pm #

    A house is a house is a shouse is a house. Those radical early 20th century architects were revolting against an earlier style that was full of domestic charm based on the idea of large families spending a lot of time at home (and most of them not in big cities). Many things have happened since then. We no longer need to glorify functionality and we all know how spirit-killing isolation in the suburbs, or in outercity hi-rise concrete enclaves, can be. There seems to be a movemnt of families back into urban areas and toward greater density. We have options like never before. That’s the advantage of now. WE can choose and we can change. Unlike Latvians, say, of twenty years ago, we are not forced into cheerless boxes. We can prefer them, but we are n ot limited to them. I sense that your unease at moving back to ta ranch-style 50s house was more an urge not to repeat your family past. But lo, you don’t have to have rust shag carpet. You can (and will I”m sure) make it what you want. Scott Driscoll


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